This is 1 very smart Momma Cat & her 3 Lucky Kitties that benefit from what their Momma did!


Precious Mother loving her Babies ♥️♥️ Praying for a good home for these sweet cats 🙏

Stray Cat approaches rescuers and leads them to her 3 Kittens in need of help!
Momma cats are very very smart when it comes to their sweet kitties!!
God’s grace angel taken care of her kittens may Heavenly Father bless this Family always Amen 🙏


Every mother’s instinct, no matter if human or animal, is to protect her children, and what this cat did in New South Wales, Australia, is the perfect example of what a mother can do to save her creatures.
A passerby spotted a family of cats, composed by a mom and her three kittens, on the side of the road. He immediately called a rescue group in Terrey Hills, CatRescue 901.

When they arrived, the cat walked to the rescuers, and led them right where her three kittens were. She was skin and bones, and clearly had tried all she could to keep her creatures fed and safe.

Those sweet little loves! And such a good mama! 🤗🤗🤗💕💚💙👏

The four cats needed medical care, and when they arrived at the shelter, it was obvious they were [st.arving]. Upon assessing their condition, the vets realized that the three kittens had eyelid agenesis, a congenital condition that caused them to have no eyelids, and would have led them to blindness if they didn’t receive a proper treatment.

They were fed and bathed, and allowed to rest on comfortable beds. Me.dic.ation was also administered and the feline mom, Elodie, was faring better, especially after being [sp.ayed].

The road to recovery still lies ahead but what’s important is that their momma Elodie is confident they are definitely in good hands.

Praying for a good home for these sweet cats 🐈

Such a smart mommy cat and her adorable kitties! 💕
So glad they are rescued and have a chance for a good life.

Thank you so much for helping this precious mom and her three kittens. ❤️❤️❤️

God bless the rescue of this gorgeous kitty family, and giving them medical care, needed care and love. 💖😽🙏🏻🙏🏻

Prayers sent for these precious angels to find loving forever homes ❤️ 🙏


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