23 Photos Of Cats Falling Asleep In Weird Places Prove That Sleep Comes First


Cats do the weirdest things; they attack our feet when they’re feeling playful all of a sudden, they pounce at each other, they bite us in the midst of a petting session, etc. They are also known for falling asleep in weird places and positions.

Just take a look at two of my cats.

the cat is sleeping on the armchair

He was too tired to walk across the entire couch and just fell asleep in the middle of walking. And look at this missy, chilling in the “comfy” window.

the cat sleeps on the window eaves

The following cats are even more hilarious! I often wonder how it is possible that they fit in such tight spots or can fall asleep on an iron fence.

1. I’m Not Uncomfortable At All

the yellow cat sleeps on the demirs

2. Is There A Better Commercial?

the cat sleeps in a basket with cots in the store

3. I Tried To Jump Over But Got Tired In The Middle…

the cat sleeps on the fence in the street

4. My Meows Are All The Music You Need

sweet yellow kitten sleeping among CDs

5. What Grill? This Feels More Like A Bed

the cat sleeps on the grill

6. Print This!

gray cat sleeps on the printer

7. Oh Well…

cats sleep on the shelves in the store

8. I Had To Dry My Fur

a white cat sleeps on a log

9. I Knew It! Cats Are Fluid


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